Carved at The Castle

By The Rock Stone Masonry

Courses: An Introduction


Ireland has a rich collection of historic, listed and culturally important buildings. The majority of which remain thankfully in daily use, be that as a residential or commercial property. Theses classes aim to give homeowners, proffessionals, builders, and craftsmen an introduction to some of the Tradititional Heritage Skills used in the maintainence and upkeep of these properties. 


If you feel confident, this introduction to these skills can also be used to improve and add to the landscape of your property, be that a garden feature, feature walls, or the resoration and repair of exsiting structures on your ground. We aim to create a relaxed environment where you will enjoy learning and the craic with ample oppertunity for specific discussion during the breaks. 


All tools and materials used on our course are available for purchase from the company, just speak to the tutor on the day and arrangments can be made. 




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